Earth-sized storm on Neptune: Detailed reports!

Earth-sized storm on Neptune

It’s a big shocker to the world as Astronomers have discovered a huge Earth-sized storm on Neptune which is now the hot topic in entire world. Astronomers founded a big orbit system near planet Neptune and the orbit system is of earth size. This gigantic Earth-sized storm on Neptune measures around 9,000 kilometers in length.

Astronomers say that they have never seen this kind of gigantic storm on Neptune. Ned Molter from University of California, Berkeley in the US observed the storm getting much brighter starting from June 26 to July 2. “Seeing a storm this bright at such a low latitude is really surprising,” said Molter, who spotted the storm near Neptune’s equator.

The astronomers were testing a twilight’s dawn from W M Keck Observatory on Maunakea, Hawaii. usually, we find bright storms in mid-latitude but we have never seen an storm of this size. Bright clouds were seen very rare on Neptune’s equator but this size is a surprise. It’s been almost two decades since the astronomers have found storms of this size on the equator.

The astronomers are believing that a huge, high-pressure, dark vortex system anchored deep in Neptune’s atmosphere might caused the colossal cloud cover. The scientists are believing that something is holding this huge cloud or else the clouds would have got separated. The astronomers are stills researching on it.

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