Why does earth core doesn’t burn when it is hotter just like sun

Cross section of the varying layers of the earth

Ever wonder why earth core is hotter like sun and it won’t affect us! We all know that the inner earth core is too hot and we are living on top of that. The earth’s core will continuously turn just like a ball in the same place and it is happening since the earth has formed. The scientists have done research on this aspect for years and finally they have found the secret of earth’s core. The earth’s core consists of iron but it is not melting even if the earth core was too hot like sun.

The scientists have revealed an interesting fact about core. They stated that the iron in the core will actually melt slowly and will spread to the surroundings inside the earth. This makes the inner core stable for ages and thus it will not have any affect. The researchers of KTH royal Institute of technology in Sweden have made research on earth’s core.

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The earth core will be seen in the form of moon and is present at the center of the earth. The temperature of inner core will be 3.5 million times more than that on the outer layer of earth and that is where we live. This temperature is equal to that on the sun. The earth is formed by three layers: Crust, mantle and core. Out of these three layers, the inner core of earth is too hot.

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