Drinking water is good for health but do you know the right time to drink water


Well there are many benefits by drinking water and for a fact our body consists of 60%water. Many studies show that drinking water is good for health but do you know that we should drink water in appropriate time. According to recent studies the researchers state that drinking water at proper intervals and at right time gives better results and more unknown benefits.

Early Morning:


Drinking water in the early morning with an empty stomach would be your first drink in the day but you should drink before brushing your teeth because the brush contains some carbons which you may swallow by drinking your first glass of water, So it is preferable to drink water before brushing at least by washing your mouth by water.

Before Going to a Bath:


If you are having a high BP then drink a glass of water before going for a bath, then you can reduce your BP to an extent. Drinking water before going for a bath is very useful for people with high BP.

Before having a meal:


Drinking water 30 minutes before your meal helps you to digest faster and you can consume less food by drinking a glass of water just before a meal and it is also important that you should not drink water for at least an hour after having the meal.

Before going out:


You may probably don’t know when you will return to your house once you leave, so it is advisory to drink water before you leave the house so that you won’t dehydrate soon and you can also avoid drinking outside water. Drink water even when you return to your house for immediate relaxation.

Before sleep:


Drinking a glass of water just before sleep will digest the food easily and you can also get a good healthy sleep.

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