Drink this to avoid eyesight within just 1 week

Tips to avoid eye site

Do you have eyesight? Are you tired of wearing spects? Then we have brought you an amazing solution for all your troubles. Many people have eye sight problem and the percentage of people using spects and suffering from eye sight are increasing continuously. Many reasons lead to eye sight and people end up by wearing spects at last. People lacking Vitamin C and Vitamin E has a risk of getting eye sight.

In the current scenario even children are facing eye sight problems and wearing spects at very young age. People who use digital devices will fall short of eye sight. In a research conducted by Louis david, an interesting facts have come out. He did a great help for the people who are suffering with eye sight.

Now say goodbye to your spects forever by drinking this juice.

Step 1:

Boil a cup of water

tips to avoid eye stie


Step 2:

Add saffron flower (Kumkuma puvvu) in the boiled water:

tips to avoid eye site

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Step 3:

Add honey for taste

tips to avoid eye site

Follow this procedure for 1 week and see the results for yourself. Drink this juice every day before going to sleep.

Note: For better results eat leafy vegetables and maintain a healthy diet.

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