How to get domain names in regional languages


It looks like the leadership of America on internet domain names comes to an end, this world wide used service should be continued with equal rights for everyone. Regarding this an international affair is going to be held in Hyderabad. In this meeting the organization which controls .com, .net, .in, allocations of domain names, rules and regulations Internet Corporation of assigned names and Numbers (ICON) is going to conduct this meeting where 160 countries Officials are attending this meeting.

As an agreement with ICON, American Government is controlling Internet domain names and its regulations. But now it seems that the agreement has come to an end, regarding this issue an historical meeting is going to be held at Hyderabad.

Internet is openly seen by everyone but America is making certain mistakes in the allocation of important domain names which was reported by many people from various countries. In future like UN council, an Internet Council should be developed for equal rights on internet. However along with India, Russia, America and China are trying harder to get membership in this council.


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In this meeting India is going to showcase the language in which the domain names are being allocated, India is seeking for regional domain names where as the domain names are given only in English

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