Dodge Viper is no more: FCA halts the orders

Dodge Viper sports cars

This is surely a black day for the automobile market as Dodge viper is no more. FCA has put an end to the majestic Dodge viper. Dodge viper is America’s greatest car and we will surely miss that viper. A full wave of orders made FCA to halt the orders in 2017 as there is a huge shortage of the parts. Customers rushed for placing the order for Dodge viper, a marvelous sports car.

If you want to place an order for Dodge viper, then you are out of luck as you are not having any chance to lay hands on Dodge viper anymore. FCA’s chief Ralph Gilles has announced that “the final model of Dodge viper has been sold out and we will not manufacture more vipers as of now”. FCA came to know that Dodge viper would be dead in few months and it will be, by August 30.

Dodge viper GTS-R

In 2016, Dodge announced various limited model editions with a last production by few months. For instance only 100 units of Dodge viper GTS-R were produced for limited edition. This model has got a huge craze among the customers because it featured the paint styles of 1998 Dodge viper GTS-R GT2. The saddest part comes with the remaining models of Dodge viper.

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The other models of Dodge like viper vooDoo II, GTC’s and ACR’s were produced less than 35 units each. The beast viper has already sold out and the good news is that you got a small chance of getting other models because the US dealer has got some in his warehouse. The North Carolina dealer has bought a bulk of vipers and there are still few units left in the stock and if you want a viper then you better pack your stuff to US.

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However the viper is still irreplaceable as the viper lovers will miss it badly. Dodge viper got its place in the era of electrification and turbocharging as the viper has got 8.4 liters of marvelous heroism. There are several reasons for putting an end to Dodge viper like slow production, material shortage and also a massive price drop of $20, 000. The viper ACR has now dead officially after Dodge announced the end of Viper ACR, the best track model from Dodge. When Dodge announced the end of Viper, customers rushed to book the orders and this made the company to halt the orders as they feared a shortage of materials and components. However there is a little glimpse from the company that a new model would arise in future in the replacement of current viper.

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