LED display charger can charge your smartphone

LED charger

How do you keep charging for your smartphone? By a current charging port or may be with a power bank, right? But in future you can charge your smartphone with the display of your smartphone, pretty cool right! The future LED displays will have a capacity to charge smartphones without any extra current or power. No needs to worry about mobile charging as you always have a charger in the form of your display.

From ages research is being carried out on this amazing technology. To charge your phone, all you need is a broad sunlight with which you can charge your smartphone. This display has can capacity of absorbing the solar power and can generate required charging for the smartphone. This is really a breakthrough in the smartphone world as Japan’s Kyocera has already started researching on this technology.

The University of Illinois at Urbana came up with this technology as the researchers have developed a technology with an array of LED’s. This display has a great feature of both emitting and also absorbing light. This display will be totally different from the current generation displays. However the researchers stated that more work has to be done on this LED display technology.

With this technology the LED display screen can detect the surrounding light and can adjust the brightness according to it. It takes a while to get this technology into the smartphone market as there is more work on it. The smartphone manufacturers are now looking forward for this technology to be the first company with this LED display cum charger technology.

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If everything goes well then in future there is no need of chargers and worrying about the phone charging. You can expose the display to sunlight or in case if it’s a night time then you can focus a powerful light beams on it. It can generate energy in both ways and that is another specialty of this display cum charger.

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