Disadvantages of weight belts at gym: Bitter truth about supporting belts

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Are you using weight belts at gym? Then you are doing a terrible mistake without knowing! We normally assume that the weight belts which are used as supporting belts while lifting heavy weight will support our spine. Few people use supporting belts at gym for getting rid of back pain while lifting heavy weights but all these was totally wrong and in fact the weight belts are causing real trouble for you.

The weight belts are too narrow and cannot provide complete assistance for your spinal support. The weight belts should actually fit perfectly by touching your body in all the directions even at back which is more important. If you use weight belts improperly then you are at serious trouble because it will reduce your core and abdominal muscle strength. Actually these muscles will protect your spine but using these supporting belts will not help these muscles grow stronger.

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Why do you need a weight belt? To lift heavier weights, right? Then instead of using a weight belt or a back-belt, why not strengthen your spine! Yes, you can make your spine stronger to lift heavier weights. You can practice certain spine-strengthen workouts with the proper guidance of your trainer. Increase weights accordingly to your stamina and keep increasing your strength and weights as well.

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You would probably need a weight-lifting belt because you are lifting weights more than your strength and that is not all right. It’s ok if it takes time to lift heavier weights but your spine and health is important, so you can increase weights when you increase your stamina and strength.  But remember, if you lift weights more than your capacity then you will end up in pretty bad situation.

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