Dis-advantages of drinking too much coffee, shocking facts

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Are you a coffee lover? Can’t you start your day without having a big cup of coffee in the early morning? Do you start your day with coffee? Ready to take coffee anytime in the day? But you must be aware of the side effects of drinking too much coffee. Yes, the truth is that the elixir is too poisonous. There is no problem if you drink coffee rarely but if you drink too much coffee then you must pay the price. Let’s look at the side effects

Dehydration & Bad smell

Tips for bad smell from body

Coffee causes the body to dehydration. It also leads to bad oral odor. Due to dehydration, mucosal cells which should be sent out of the body will remain inside which is not good at all. and the as well as the body. This will lead to bad smell and the more coffee you drink the more you stink. So, avoid drinking too much coffee.

Leads to excess belly fat

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Drinking coffee which is made with Whole Milk will increase the load of calories in the body. Coffee is also rich in refined sugar. This is also the MP Calories A. This causes the body to grow in the waist along with various parts of the body. So cut your fatty waist by putting end to coffee.

Effects on digestive system

Although, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning makes easier for bowel movements but drinking too much coffee will reduce the capacity of food intake and affects metabolism. High coffee can make food to quickly go through the small intestine. This way, your body cannot absorb the required nutrients. In the long run this can cause big problems for your health.

 Coffee also leads to Kidney problems


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Heavy coffee drinks will affect kidneys and the body fails to absorb various micronutrients like iron, magnesium and other minerals cannot be absorbed by body. This can result in constipation and may also cause complications related to stomach problems.

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