Dhinchak Pooja arrested by police, reason will shock you!

Dinchak Pooja arrested by police

Dhinchak Pooja has rose to stardom by uploading her crazy songs in YouTube and Instagram. Dhinchak Pooja became very famous and popular in social media. Dhinchak Pooja is a well-known face to netizens but now it looks like this singer is in trouble. Dhinchak Pooja arrested by police and the reason will shock you!

Recently, Dhinchak Pooja composed a song and uploaded it in social media. But nothing’s wrong in this! She has sang this song ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’ on a scooter without wearing helmet. A person captured the photo and tweeted it to Delhi police. The police stated that they will take action on Dhinchak Pooja very soon.

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