The Day Rajinikanth Trolled Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha

Rajinikanth vs jayalalitha

Ever wondered what happens if you irk a superstar with your political power? It is like trying to put off fire using petrol! You end up in a whole lot of mess.

This happened on a sunny day in Tamil Nadu, where traffic blockades are a common sight en route Poes Garden, the Royal abode of then CM Late Smt. Jayalalitha. It is no surprise for a commoner, but this time Thalaiva Rajinikanth was at the receiving end of the heat.

Tamil Nadu CM

Puratchi Thalaivi resides in the neighborhood of Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu. Rajini faced similar blockades few a times but for short periods. But, that day when Rajinikanth was out for some event of his, his convoy of cars have been struck in the said blockade for CM Jayalalitha to proceed in that road after some time. Irked by the treatment of the officers, Rajini decided to teach them a lesson.


He casually got down the car and walked a few steps to a nearby PAN Shop and lit a cigarette in his original style. This brought the entire area under seize by huge crowds who are dying to have a glimpse of the Super Star RajiniKanth. Even the police could not control the situation and it finally made the Mighty CM’s Convoy get struck in the traffic created by the crowd.

Naa Daari Rahadaari, Better Don’t Come In My Way

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That is just one of the many such incidents that showed the mighty Star Power of Thalaiva RajiniKanth. As the famous dialogue goes “Naa Daari Rahadaari, Better Don’t Come In My Way!

                                               Super Star they say, he is one indeed!

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