Dawood Ibrahim latest interview Video footage!

Dawood Ibrahim latest interview Video details

Is Dawood Ibrahim still alive? How is Dawood Ibrahim now? How does he look and in what condition he is in? International gangster and accused in Mumbai serial blasts, Dawood Ibrahim latest interview is the sensation in the world now. CNN-News 18 has investigated for a long time and traced out the phone number of International gangster.

Dawood Ibrahim has lifted the call and the entire world has heard the voice of gangster Dawood Ibrahim after several years. This is a big breakthrough and evidence that Dawood Ibrahim is still alive in Karachi, Pakistan. Dawood Ibrahim moved to Karachi from Afghan-Pakistan border. CNN news 18 manager Manoj Gupta has done a fantastic job.

Over a dozen nations are searching for the most wanted criminal and now the world has heard the voice of Dawood Ibrahim and interpol department has confirmed that the voice belongs to Dawood Ibrahim who made serial blasts in Mumbai back in 90’s. Checkout Dawood Ibrahim interview in the below video.

CNN-News18: So, sir? You are in Karachi, Pakistan.
Javed Chotani: Who said so?
CNN-News18: This is a Pakistani number.
Dawood: Don’t waste time.
Javed Chotani: Fear God. You are wasting time. Who are you talking to? Who are you interviewing? Do you know anything?
Javed Chotani: No, you tell me. You are taking such a long interview. You are talking so much. Do you even know who you are talking to?
CNN-News18: To Dawood.
Javed Chotani: Fear God. First, you are taking his name this way. You thought you will get to talk to him over the phone just like that.
Javed Chotani: Who gave you this number? Delete this number. Give me a number so that I could pass your message on to Dawood through somebody.

Javed Chotani: You mashallah sound like an intelligent journalist. Do you really think that you will just dial any number and Dawood sahab will pick up the phone? And you will interview him?
Javed Chotani: Give me your number. I will make you talk to him.
Javed Chotani: Okay, tell me. Will you interview directly in the studio?
CNN-News18: I will send the camera to Karachi.
Javed Chotani: To Karachi? Why? Why are you just asking me to make you meet or talk to him? Send me your number.
CNN-News18: Sir, please give me a small interview.
Dawood: No, interview. No.

Dawood Ibrahim latest interview Video footage!

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