David Rockefeller dies at 101: Things to know about billionaire Rockefeller

billionaire Rockefeller

The famous American family’s last generation David Rockefeller passed away at the age of 101. Earlier he even celebrated his 100th birthday and successfully made century. Rockefeller family is famous for donations and taking care of many trusts. The family taught David Rockefeller a good lesson that great wealth brings us great responsibilities. He has been the guardian of Rockefeller family for decades and now it came to final chapter of David Rockefeller.

David Rockefeller may not be in this world right now but people of America will remember him in their hearts. On his 100th birthday, David Rockefeller donated over 1000 acres of land just beside of national park to the State of Maine. The price of these 1000 acres is unimaginable and one needs a great spirit in donating. Unfortunately Rockefeller died in his sleep on Monday night at his house in Pocantico hills.

The history of Rockefeller family started many decades ago and David Rockefeller is the grandson of John D. Rockefeller. After John D. Rockefeller, it was Jr. John Rockefeller who looked after the family. David Rockefeller is the youngest son of Jr. John Rockefeller. David also has 5 brothers and one sister and he is quite different from all of them and he earned a brand for himself.

David Rockefeller

“Rockefeller is a great person who helped society in many aspects and crisis. Rockefeller also helped in the development of world trade center. David Rockefeller always looked after New York City and he always lends a hand whenever we need help” said by ex-mayor and billionaire, Bloomberg. David Rockefeller is also a philanthropist.

David Rockefeller didn’t spend his 101 years casually like others. He has contributed a lot to public and he achieved many things in his life. Rockefeller received his doctorate in economics in 1940 from University of Chicago. After his education, Rockefeller joined the army in the period of World War II. Rockefeller was graduated from Harvard University. Forbes announced that Rockefeller net worth is around $3 billion in the year 2015.

billionaire Rockefeller  family

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Can you believe that he is the only person in the world who has met more than 250 rulers of 100 different countries in his entire lifetime? David Rockefeller is also a good friend to former United States president, George H.W. Bush. The president has taken many advices from David Rockefeller.

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