Daniel Radcliffe engaged with girlfriend Erin Darke: May get married soon

Daniel Radcliffe

Rumors went viral in social media and in websites that harry potter has secretly engaged with his girlfriend Erin Darke. The couple was in relationship for a while and close sources of Daniel stated that he is already engaged with Erin darke. The Harry potter fame Daniel Radcliffe and the American actress are in dating for over four years. The famous British site stated that the 27 years old Daniel is engaged to Erin who is a year older than Daniel.

Recently Daniel Radcliffe has taken his girlfriend, Erin Darke for ring shopping and has purchased a expensive ring. However there is no official confirmation from the couple on getting engaged or married. Both Daniel Radcliffe and Erin have not responded on the rumor yet.

Daniel Radcliffe

This gossip on Harry potter and erin went viral in just few minutes and many websites and social media reported that the couple have got engaged recently and are getting ready to marriage in a short while. It seems like we have to wait for the response from Daniel on the aspect. Unless he comments on the issue there will no clarity on the issue.

Daniel Radcliffe engaged with girlfriend

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Erin darke is also a famous American actress who starred in few television series and also acted in few movies. Recently she acted in ‘Don’t act twice’ movie which was released in the year 2016. Daniel Radcliffe was born in England while Erin was born in United States and is American by nationality. Stay tuned to mashables.in for more updates on Daniel Radcliffe and Erin darke.

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