Daily habits which spoils your hair, tips for healthy hair


Many people often wonder why their hair is tending to fall real quick. Well, people follow certain habits which cause to hair fall. There is risk for hair loss by following certain bad habits. Healthy hair requires good maintenance and should follow certain guidelines. Here we have brought you some of the daily bad habits which is causing hair loss.

Massaging hard


Hair is very sensitive, overeating, it is possible to get broken and fall off. Also, the skin on the scalp is also. Therefore, when you apply oil to the hair massage gently and soft in a circuit motion. Rubbing oil hard on scalp will weaken the hair and leads to hair loss.

Applying oil on wet scalp


Applying oil after bathing is dangerous. The hair gets cold and even slightly moisturized they become soft enough to fall. Therefore, oil must be applied only when your hair gets dried. Rub your hair thoroughly with a towel after taking shower.

Neglecting edges

hair fall problem

Many people apply oil only to scalp and hair roots. People will often neglect applying oil to hair edges. But applying oil even to hairy ends is also important. By neglecting hair ends, they will not get enough nutrition. This will lead to breaks in hair and also hair fall will be increased eventually.

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Varieties of Hair oils

hair fall remides

Many people think that hair oil means just a coconut oil and will not care about other oils. But there are many varieties in the oils. Coconut for nutrition, almonds are good for hair growth. Moreover, oils such as Amla and Shikakai also provide proper nutrition for different types of hair. That’s why choosing the right oil is also important

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