Cutting down salt may help you to get good sleep: Checkout how

befits of contoling salts

Yes, reduce salt intake to get a good sleep at night. Recent study reveals that eating too much salt may result in less sleep. Salt is the major ingredient added in many dishes as it is major compound which adds taste to your food. However the experts say that eat too much salt in our foods is not good for health and leads to many health problems.

The latest study done By University of Nagasaki in Japan revealed that excessive salt intake is the reason for peeing too many time at night sleep. Many people go multiple rounds for peeing and this is because excess salt levels in the body. However peeing may not be difficult but going too many times might be problem especially for people who are older than age of 60.

The lack of sleep results in stress and irritation. These health problems can be improved by eating less salt in food. The Indians stand in first row for eating too much salt and of course it is the largest exporter of salt. The study was conducted on a group of people. They have found some interesting results after their detailed study. They have given foods with high salt to some people and foods with low salt levels for another group of people.

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The report revealed that people who ate too much salt went for peeing more often than the people who didn’t ate too much salt. Too much salt is also bad for blood and there are also chances for getting a bloating stomach. Salt will retain water levels in the stomach and keeps your stomach heavy and huge. Earlier a report stated that when we eat too much salt, there are chances of reducing calcium levels in the body making our bones more delicate.

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