Cricketer Abhinav Mukund emotional statements gets viral!

Abhinav Mukund emotional statements

Team India cricketer Abhinav Mukund has made some emotional statements in his twitter account. Abhinav Mukund emotional statements is now getting viral in social media. Abhinav Mukund tweeted that he was distressed for the way how people look at him.

Abhinav Mukund said that “people criticize me because I look black. I have been practicing cricket in hot sun for many years and I’m really happy for the person I’m today. I have been travelling to foreign countries from the age of 15 and people would see me different from others”.

Abhinav Mukund tweet about his color has got good support from twitteratis and has thousands of re-tweets as a support for him. The next day, Abhinav Mukund clarified that he didn’t made that tweet regarding team India cricketers as some people in social media raised rumors that it was team India cricketers who criticized Abhinav Mukund regarding his color.

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