Court case filed on Civil top ranker Gopalakrishna of AP

Few days back no one knows who Ronanki Gopalakrishna was but now the entire nation knows him. Coming from a poor family Gopalakrishna struggled hard to become a civils top ranker. However, now it looks like this UPSC top ranker Gopalakrishna  from Andhra Pradesh is in trouble.

Court case filed on Civil top ranker Gopalakrishna of AP. Hyderabad high court issued notice to civil top ranker to show the genuine reports of his disability. Ronanki Goapalakrishna was a disabled right hand person and showing this reason he bagged top rank in UPSC.

Advocate M Murali Krishna filed a petition in court saying that Gopalakrishna showed fake reports on his disability. Ronanki Gopalakrishna showed reports stating that he was 45% disabled. Hyderabad High court also ordered AP government to submit detailed reports on Gopalakrishna’s ¬†disability within 3 weeks. Gopalakrishna’s right hand was fractured in his childhood. Let us wait and see what happens.

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