World’s powerful missile belongs to Russia: Satan 2


There are many powerful missiles in the world but do you know which missile has more devastating power???  America’s Atom bomb on Japan was one of the most powerful missiles the world had witnessed till now. But Russia has designed a new advanced missile which is the most powerful missile in the world.

The announcement of SATAN 2 has shocked the enemies of Russia and other countries. This missile is really a nightmare for the enemies of Russia, as it has many advanced features. Now the big nations like USA are in process of developing more powerful missile than SATAN 2. Now let us see some of the features of this missile.


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Features of SATAN 2:

    • Travels 7km per second.
    • 2000X times more powerful than the Atom bomb which was deployed on Hiroshima & Nagasaki by America.
    • This missile can destroy a country with an equivalent size of France.
    • Can reach and destroy the target at any part of the world.

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