The country which banned burqa for security reasons


Burqa is worn by Muslim women as a tradition to cover themselves in public. The Islamic garment is being used from decades as a tradition. The Islamic woman in all over the world wears burqa and some European countries and American countries oppose wearing burqas because some people who committed crime are escaping by wearing burqas.

Now a North African country, Morocco has banned wearing burqa in public due to security issues. The government banned all type of burqas in the nation and also stopped all the imports of burqa into the country. The government warned all the manufacturers and marketers of burqas in the country. The tailors should not stich any burqa, if anyone stiches a burqa then the tailor will be punished.

This action over burqas is taken because several times the criminals have used burqas many times to escape from the police. This has happened several times which is why the government has banned the burqas in the nation. The ban on burqa was opposed by several Islamic leaders. They stated that this ban on burqa was not acceptable as it is implemented for electoral gains in the country by politicians.

government banned burqas

However the government banned only burqas which covers the face. So the women can wear burqas which doesn’t cover their faces this way the criminals can be identified. This exception was given on the ban of burqa. But in the North African countries including Morocco, most of the women wear hijab or a head scarf which will not cover their faces.

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