Countries with most Online Security Breaches: India at 4th

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Along with generations even the technology is also changing in a fast pace. People across the globe are using internet for various purposes and without internet we would go to another stone age. As the internet users have increased rapidly even hackers are also increasing around the world. Many transactions and businesses are running through internet.

Hackers are cashing this opportunity and are attacking millions of servers. This made online security at great risk and vulnerability. India is moving towards digitalization in a fast pace and this statistics of online security breaches created panic in the government. India stood at 4th place in the list of most online security breaches in the world. Almost 5% breaches in the world are happening in India.

Where there is more digitalization there is more cyber war. Top nations like United States and China were also suffering massive online security breaches. These two countries were alleged for millions of cyber attacks and US stood at first place as it has more online security breaches. China is second place and both the nations together share around 34% of cyber-attacks.

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Brazil is in third place followed by India. According few experts the online data of Indian citizens which was stored via Aadhar card scheme may be vulnerable. Last year Axis bank account holders were at great risk as millions of ATM card pins of users were at stake.

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