Container Hul Chal in Nandyala elections: What’s in it?

Container Hul Chal in Nandyala elections

Container Hul Chal in Nandyala elections is now a hot topic. People are wondering what is there in that container which reach Nandyala. Coming to the point, the container belongs to TDP leader Nara Chandrababu naidu. The container reached to nandyala and YCP party members have blocked the container and demanded to open the container.

YCP members have complained to Elections commission (EC) that the container contains millions of rupees to distribute money to the voters and they demanded to check the container. EC have ordered nandyala police to open the container. Driver said that there kitchen items in the container. The police have broken the container locks and found vegetables, fruits and pantry. The YCP mambers got cooled down then and left from there.

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