Consuming alcohol?? Know this before it’s too late

Side affects of consuming alcohol

If you are consuming alcohol then know these facts before it’s too late!!! The recent studies show that if you drink alcohol then in the future your children may get affected.The people who consume more alcohol will get children with tensions, depression, obesity and other health problems. The IQ levels of children will get reduced if you drink too much alcohol in your young age.

The scientists in America have conducted research on rats; they have given rats with more than 0.08 % of alcohol for few days. Later the scientists tested those rats’ children and they found that they are having various health problems and also changes in intake of food, sleep and other habits.

A total of 160 genes have been differed from those children and their parents, as a result there are chances of getting obesity. The reason for this is that their parents consumed lot of alcohol.

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So you better quit drinking alcohol if you want a healthy child….!!!

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