Constipation can be treated naturally, find out how

cure constipation tips

We all experience constipation at one point of time and it makes us feel uncomfortable. Constipation is a problem which is created in our stomach and it makes difficult for bowel movement. Constipation is seriously frustrating as it keeps us waiting for a long period for bowel movement. People face this problem at certain time and it is more irritating when you are getting ready for an early morning journey.

Constipation will not stay for a longer period but when it occurs, we have to face some trouble. However some people face constipation for longer period and it makes difficult for bowel movement all the time. But do not worry if you are facing constipation as we have got some best tips with which you can get rid of constipation. Follow the below tips to reduce constipation and boost bowel movement.

Oranges for constipation relief

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Orange fruit is the best to get relief from constipation as oranges contain rich vitamin C levels with good fiber content. You can have two oranges per day, one at morning and another at evening/night. Eating two oranges per day will get you relief from constipation.

Honey is a constipation remedy


Honey is one of the best resources which has over dozen health benefits and is very effective in curing constipation. But for this you need to take honey in the right form, mix honey with water and drink at 2-3 different intervals in a day. Honey will enable a good digestion of food and reduce constipation in a great way.

Drink water to avoid constipation

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Water, water, water and water! You might have probably heard many times that water has many health benefits and we should drink water as much as possible. Even I suggest the same! Water can flush the toxins out in an easy way and drink water after 1 hour from having your meal. You can keep constipation away by drinking plenty of water.

Get relief from constipation with flax seeds

Constipation can be treated naturally tips

You must take fiber rich foods to avoid constipation and you can also get relief from constipation with flax seeds. The flax seeds have rich fiber content and fights hypertension and keep diabetes and constipation away. You can either have flax seeds with lukewarm water in the early morning or you can include it in your cereals.

Juicy fruits to condemn constipation

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There are fruits with good fiber content which makes easier for the bowel movement. These juicy fruits can initiate the bowel movement easily; fruits like papaya, kiwi, orange, rapes, and guava are few best juicy fruits.


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