Colombia mudslides kill 220, death toll may increase further

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A sad day for Colombians as the mudslides has created disaster in Colombia, South America. The mudslides have destroyed many homes in MOCOA, South Colombia. The Pacific Ocean side of South America has been hit with huge floods. These floods have taken many lives of people even in Peru and Ecuador.

In Colombia the affect is even worse as the floods have swept away all the houses, bridges, trees, vehicles and other public offices. After the floods, it is the mudslides which were causing problems in the area. There was huge amount of brown mud which was leftover by floods. Colombian army is now clearing the people and conducting rescue operations.

Colombia mudslides kill 220, death toll may increase further

According to few sources, more than 220 people have died while another 210 people were injured severely. After the floods, around 250 people went missing and almost 18 neighborhoods were affected severely due to heavy rains and floods. Recently President Juan Manuel Santos has visited Mocoa and supervised how rescue operations were going on.

Colombia mudslides kill 220, death toll may increase further

Public health and safety emergency procedures were implemented by President to speed up rescue operations. The governor stated this massacre as “unexpected tragedy”. Hundreds of families are still missing in Mocoa and many streets have been disappeared. The mudslides are causing difficulties in rescuing people and army is unable to find dead bodies under the mud slides.

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The bitter fact is over 30% of monthly rainfall fell in a single night which has left Mocoa in bizarre situation. However many rescue volunteers are participating in the rescue operations and there was no power or proper drinking water for people of Mocoa.

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