Why do we close eyes when we sneeze


We usually close eyes when we sneeze but it happen all of a sudden and we can’t even control it. But the real question is why do we close our when we sneeze? However it is not in our hands of controlling sneeze and I bet you can’t sneeze by opening your eyes. It is a phenomenon of closing eyes while sneezing and the reason for this is not known till many decades. But now it seems like researchers have found the reason behind this.

When the pollen particles in the nose get irritation of membranes it leads to sneeze. These particles should not get any irritation but however we can’t stop these particles from getting irritation. In case if they get irritation then a signal was sent to brain through trigeminal nerve. This leads to Chest expansion and lungs will be filled up with air which is released through sneezing.

The researchers have found many interesting facts about sneezing. A human when sneezes, he will sneeze at a speed of 165kph and at the same time he sneezes almost 5,000 droplets of mucus. However there are many reasons for closing your eyes when you sneeze. The reasons are pretty odd and shocking. Check out the reasons for closing eyes when sneezed.

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A reflection is caused for the eyes when we sneeze just like how our legs jerk when our knees were tapped. When we sneeze lot of germs are released and these germs may affect our eyes if we don’t close our eyes. Our eye muscles will also get stronger when we tighten the eyes while sneezing. As heavy air is popped out at massive speed the eyes gets reflected with the speed of sneeze.


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