Chiranjeevi’s Untold Real Controversy with Top Director

Film industry is the home for many actors and actresses. There are over dozens of controversies happens everyday in Telugu film industry which is quite common. But sometimes, these controversies leads to certain ego issues and will create a situation where the people doesn’t even likes to face each other. Same thing happened to our Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi is inspiration to many people and he helped a lot of actors in film industry who are in good position right now. But Chiranjeevi also had a big controversy with a top director and he hated him so much that he never did film with that director again in his life and even the director didn’t worked with even a single mega hero till now. Who is that Tollywood top director? What is Chiranjeevi’s Untold Real Controversy with Tollywood Top Director? Checkout in the below video..

Chiranjeevi’s Untold Real Controversy with Tollywood Top Director

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