Chiranjeevi China trip with veteran actors, pics

Chiranjeevi China Trip With 1980's Actor Photos

Megastar Chiranjeevi had great fun with his era actors and actresses. The veteran actors of Tollywood who ruled Tollywood once with their screen presence had a get-together in China. All the veteran actors and actresses share great bond between them and to recall their memories, the 90’s actors will meet yearly once in a get-together party.

Last time many heroes and heroines from South film industry and had a get-together party which even included Rajinikanth and many other star heroes of 90’s era. This time Chiranjeevi went to China with his wife Surekha and few other heroines also had great time in China. All the members have spent almost a week in China and visited all the touristic places in China.

Chiranjeevi China Trip With 1980's Actor Photos

Sarath Kumar, Suhasini, Radika, Kushboo and few other veteran actresses and actors visited China for their get-together. These pics of veteran actors having fun in China are now going viral in social media. This shows the relationship and healthy bond between 90’s era actors and they inspire the present generation heroes and heroines.

Chiranjeevi China Trip With 1980's Actor Photos

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