Is China looking for a war with India? Here’s proof

Indian soldiers guns

In the past few days there is lot of heat going on between India and China along the Sikkim borders. China gave warning to India to withdraw its troops from the region and a China spokesperson said that “India is looking to have a war with China to prove its power to USA”. Recently China also deployed submarines in Indian ocean region and there are many words exchanged between army generals of both the countries.

China’s PLA also said that “India is not getting our message with words and if they continue the same then we have to use our action or power to make India understand with whom it is dealing with”. ┬áIf there is a war between India and China then there will be lot of chaos on both the sides. However, India is also having strong army power but it cannot fight China alone but India can damage China severely. But India is having support of many countries around the world which is a big advantage for India and China should re-think about India’s supporters before it goes to war with India.

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