China to launch space rockets from planes: More details about the project


The space industry is growing rapidly day by day in many aspects. Recently India has created a new record of carrying 104 satellites in to space in a single rocket. India has wiped out the record set by Russia and has given a new record for many top countries. However China came up with a special mission and no one has ever thought of launching space rockets from planes.

This will be a big change over in the space industry which was seen with a rapid change in technology. China is planning to send hundreds of satellites in to space for various purposes like Commercial use, military purpose and other scientific aims. China has already designed a space vehicle which can carry 100kg weight to lower earth orbit. China is striving to develop its Space technology as it is still behind the top nations like United States and Russia.

aircraft will carry the rocket

The huge Y-20 aircrafts would carry the launch vehicle in to air from higher distance from earth surface and then release the rocket from aircraft. The launch vehicle will be designed to carry 200kg payload. The aircraft will carry the rocket to certain altitude and then releases it. The ignition of the rocket will be started once it gets released from the aircraft.

space rockets

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This is different from the traditional ground launch as till now all the rockets were launched from ground but for the first time ever China would like to try it from aircrafts. This project would be finished by the end of 2022. We have to wait and see whether if other countries trying this. However Chinese reports stated that launching via planes have advantages over launching from ground.

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