Chemical Attack on Wipro! Is the threat real?

Tech Giant Wipro Technologies

Recent chemical attack on innocent people in Syria saw hundreds of people dying. Such an incident is getting on Wipro’s nerves. Tech Giant Wipro Technologies is not new to threats by anonymous mailers. Recent threat by an anonymous e-mailer demanded Rs 500 crores as bitcoins to be deposited in two links. He warned Wipro of a chemical weapon by the name Ricin, a toxic substance which is extracted from castor plants.

Chemical Attack on Wipro! Is the threat real?

The individual claimed to be having the toxic substance in much quantity. He also described how he could attack the campuses of Wipro with the material. He threatened to spread in toilets, cafeterias etc. He even went on to warn of using drones for the attack.

Wipro has filed a complaint with the police and the case was taken up by the Cyber cell. Authorities are verifying the veracity of the claims by the individual and are checking the links given by him.

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Wipro has been the target of fake threats in the past also. But, one cannot judge a situation by looking at the past incidents alone. For, it requires one, and only one neglected probability, that we may fail to see which might cause a catastrophe!

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