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A new innovation in the smart world and this step by scientists can really affect the future of the smartphones and the wearable electronics. After a thorough research, scientists have found the devices can be charged by using the compounds of a used green tea. The green tea components have an ability to generate rechargeable energy.  It is difficult for wearable devices for long-lasting as it needs a huge source of energy.

The research was mainly done on compressible energy storage which is carried out at CSIR-Network of Institutes for solar energy. The scientists have developed polymers by extracting it from green tea which has an ability to infuse gel with polyphenols. These polyphenols transformed silver nitrate solution to silver nanoparticles. Usable energy can be generated with the help of this solution.

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The scientists have made a super capacitor which can generate 22 watt-hours per KG and 2,715 watts per KG. With this power we can charge a LED, Bluetooth devices and a heart rate monitor. All kind of wearable devices can be charged with this super capacitor. The remains of the green tea contain polyphenols which acts as antioxidants with which metal ions can be reduced.

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These polyphenols from green tea can be used for metal coated sponges which are essential for developing super capacitors. The scientists have made several tests on this technology and found interesting results about it. Ever after compressing more than 100 times, the durability of the super capacitor is still performing great. However more work has to be done on this project and the researchers will soon announce the availability of this super capacitor for the people.

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