Censor board new team members; Popular names

Censor board new team members

Censor board new team members names has been announced and the names are quite interesting! Ministry has appointed Joshi as new chief for film industry censor board. Joshi will now lead the new censor board and here is the list of Censor board new team members. Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, Tamil actress Gautami, Telugu veteran actress cum producer Jeevitha Rajashekhar and BJP leader Vani Tripathi made it to the list.

There are also other members in Censor board new team: Narendra Kohli, Naresh Chandralal, Neil Herbert, Vivek Agni Hotri, TS Naga Barana, Vaman Kendra, Ramesh patangi and Mihir Bhuta also made it to the list. Till now Nihalani was the chief of Censor board film corporation. There were many controversies on him in film industry.

Bollywood film makers have expressed their happiness after Nihalani was removed from the post. Censor board new chief Joshi is a best lyrics writer. He also received the prestigious award padma Sri as he has been awarded two national awards for best lyrics.

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