Celebrities weight loss techniques revealed: Reduce weight

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Ever wonder how celebrities lose weight so simple? Well it’s no secret and not so difficult for the normal people to lose weight. Do you think the celebrities does hard time in gym and spend lot of money on reducing weight? Then you are way too wrong because even many celebrities follow the same natural procedure but they follow everything particularly. The celebrities will not neglect any aspect in reducing weight and gives utmost attention with great commitment.

If you lack commitment like celebrities then you can’t reduce weight like celebrities. Celebrities appoint fitness experts by paying them lot of money and takes guidance from the experts. But do not worry; you have got mashables at your back to help you out to reduce weight. Follow the below tips to reduce weight in a simple just like celebrities.

Eat in proper way to avoid extra weight

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To reduce and control weight, the way you eat will also play a role in your mission to get slim. Eating in a proper way is must and the first step in weight loss. Sound’s weird right! But I have got theory for this, when we swallow food without chewing then it takes ages to digest and due to the slow digestion you may get excess fat. You have to chew food at least for 8-10 times for a good and easy digestion.

Green tea for weight loss

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You may have heard many times that green tea will reduce weight and yes, green tea will reduce weight by reducing the excess fat. The main theory behind this saying is, green tea will reduce the fat percent in the body by 38 to 40%. Green tea is good for health and has a dozen health benefits, in case if you think green tea is not tastier then try mixing it with honey for taste.

Reduce weight by walking


Walking is like a bonus exercise to reduce weight and to get slim than you ever imagined but it takes some time. If you don’t have enough time to work out in gym then go for walking. Walking is also good for health and there are many smart gadgets to tell you that how much you have walked and how much more you should walk. You can reduce 100 calories by walking up to 10,000 steps.

Drink water to lose weight


Drinking water helps in a great way to control excess fat in your body. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily for great results and also health benefits. The fat in your body can be reduced by drinking water, in case if you don’t drink enough water then you will fall in risk of getting kidney problems also. So drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty and make a habit of drinking water on a regular basis.

Maintain body weight by sleeping well

disadvantages on not sleeping properly

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Love sleeping? If yes then don’t sleep too much and if no, then sleep well for a certain time. According to a research in London, the people who sleep more than eight hours and the people who sleep for less than six hours will have more weight than compared to the people who sleep for a specific 7-8 hours. A research was done on 300 people, 100 people use to sleep less than 6 hours and 100 people slept more than 8 hours while another 100 people slept for specific 7-8 hours. The people who slept for 7-8 hours have balanced weight when compared with the other people.

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