How to capture perfect photos with smartphones: Tips for taking good pics

capture perfect photos

The smartphone world has seen tremendous changes in the camera specifications. Many smartphones are available with high megapixels and great picture quality. But a good camera doesn’t get you a keen picture as you need some basic knowledge for capturing great pictures even with less camera quality. The camera doesn’t matter but the way you click them matters. Even if you have a good camera, you can get good pics only if you use it up to the mark.

There are some golden rules to experience better pictures with your smartphone camera. You can also capture good pics even with low end camera as the way you capture matters everything. There are many ways and tips to get great images with any kind of camera. Here we sorted few of the best tips to get capture perfect images. Follow these tips and rules to experience better picture quality with your smartphone.

Get closer!

If you want to take picture of a person in a heavy crowd in a show/event or if it’s in a room then you better get closer to the person. If you take long shots then in the crowd then you’ll get more than you need. Unwanted people may come in the picture on behind or at side of the person you are trying to capture an image. People may also come in between your camera and the person you are clicking at. So it would be better if you get closer and take a picture, in this way you can avoid the disturbance in the image.

Get below the eye level

When you are capturing an image of a person or couple then it’s ok even if you lie on the ground. The main objective here is to lower your smartphone for a great image. People hold the smartphone parallel to what they are capturing and holding in smartphone straight ahead of the person is way too wrong. Lower your smartphone and try to capture the image.


If you want to capture an image by showcasing an landmark or any statue then stay close to the camera. Many people make a blunder mistake by standing next to the landmark and this way landmark looks huge and you look tiny. For this kind of photographs, the cameraman should stand at very far and this will reduce the person picture quality and it will be difficult even for identifying who is actually in the image. To avoid this, stand closer to the camera and click the image by covering the landmark. However you have to try few variations for getting the perfect shot.

Timing matters for good pictures!

Timing matters for a good picture as you can’t expect a brighter and quality image at night time broad sun shine. There are some golden hours for capturing best and better images. After sunrise and before sunshine would be ideal for clicking the pictures. Avoid direct sunshine to the camera which will make the pictures to look dark. In case if you can’t get away with direct sunshine then enable “HDR” mode in your smartphone and this would help you.

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Know your Camera

Before complaining about your smartphone camera, know its limitations and up to what extent it can do for capturing great images. The smartphones in the recent trend are coming with auto focus feature, so if you have an auto focus then why don’t you use it? Click on the image on which you are aiming at, the auto focus would particularly focus on the intended image and gives more quality to the image. Try avoiding of zooming the person or object as it would reduce the picture quality. When you zoom, the image is not getting closer but actually it is getting huge with an internal software and reduces the actual picture quality.

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