Can’t recall things? Follow this tip to recall anything at any time

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We all face that one situation where we cannot recall certain things at specific time. It is a common thing for almost every one and we undergoes with certain situations where we can’t even remember our password at some point of time. Sometimes we even forget some things which were told to us just few minutes back. It is the problem of our brain when sometimes it doesn’t recall things faster.

But do not worry now, the researchers have found out a way to help you out when you can’t recall certain things. All you need to do is closing your eyes but I didn’t mean to sleep! The researchers have conducted certain experiments and revealed that when a person closes his eyes and is disconnected with outside world, the recalling abilities will be boosted instantly.

Can’t remember things

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When we block the distractions, we can think 10 times better and the necessary power of brain is freed and is given a power to think. Recently the scientists have conducted a research on over 200 men and women. The researchers made them to watch short films and after watching the films they were asked certain questions from the short films which they have watched.

The people who opened their eyes while answering have got just 48% correct answers while the people who closed their eyes when answering have got 72% correct answers. The study has proved that a person’s thinking ability will be improved when he/she closes his/her eyes. As closing our eyes will keep us away from distractions. You can also gain confidence and reduce stress by doing so.

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