Cancer can be cured by Vitamin C: US researchers

how to cure cancer

From decades many people are suffering with cancer in all over the world. Many people died due to this disease. But now the researchers from US have found a way to kill cancer cells and cure cancer patients. In their research they have found that when Vitamin C is given intravenously, it will attack and kill cancer cells. This is big breakthrough and will be a great use to treat the cancer patients.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which is widely found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C can also be taken in the form of supplements.  When intravenous Vitamin C is combined with chemotherapy it improved the condition of cancer patients and generated positive results. The US researches successfully tested this and found that with this treatment they can cure lung cancer and pancreatic cancer patients.

The researchers revealed that Vitamin C can form as hydrogen peroxide which attacks DNA and other cells. The normal cells which are unaffected by cancer can merge with hydrogen peroxide but the cells which are affected by cancer has difficulty to remove hydrogen peroxide. This is because normal cells contain high levels of catalase but the cancer cells have low levels of catalase which cannot consume hydrogen peroxide.

how to cure cancer

By delivering high levels of Vitamin C will affect only cancer cells but not healthy cells as they have capacity to withstand hydrogen peroxide. With this treatment the researchers are hoping to cure the cancer patients. However more tests are to be carried on to get more accurate results and to cure cancer completely. This is a big breakthrough in the medical field and it is really good news for the whole world. Let us hope that these trials get successful and treats cancer patients.


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