Eye-unlock feature in the next iPhone

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The unlocking feature has gone to next level. The first unlocking feature was started with a password and later it was replaced with pattern lock. After pattern lock finger print scanner was introduced and now a new eye lock feature is being introduced by apple. The next apple phone can be unlocked with the eye of the user for more security. The next iPhone 8 may get this feature if everything works out as it is.

The next iPhone 8 will have OLED displays of Samsung and ordered required amounts to produce iPhone 8 and according to few sources iPhone 8 may come with wireless charging technology. Apart from these specifications, iPhone 8 will come with iris scanning technology as this was already introduced by Samsung in Galaxy Note 7.

The new eye lock feature will be the next step in the smartphone industry and apple will surely lead the market with this new feature as it already raised the expectations on iPhone 8 with marvelous features. From the internal reports of Apple, the components and chips required to manufacture the iPhone 8 will be supplied in the second half of the year from the suppliers.

This makes us to wait till 2018 end to experience the next generation smartphone from Apple. However, Apple’s rival Samsung is all set to release its new smartphone Galaxy S8 with the iris scanning technology. Apple has placed orders for starting trail production from the suppliers. iPhone 8 may overcome the flaws of iPhone 7 and will come with new features as well.

You can unlock the next iPhone with your eyes

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But Samsung Galaxy S8 may release soon than Apple iPhone 8. These two mobiles from the smartphone giants will lock the horns in smartphone world. Samsung Galaxy S8 will not feature eye lock technology and this will surely add an advantage to Apple. With this feature Apple will lead the smartphone world but however the price of the Apple iPhone 8 will not be less for all these features and you better start saving from now to lay hands on iPhone 8.

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