How to book Uber cab in Google Maps: Best way to use Google Maps

book uber cab

Uber has taken a step further to increase the user experience to next level. You can now book an Uber cab with Google maps which makes the pickup location a lot easier. Uber and Google have integrated for this service for the Uber customers which is powered by Uber’s API. This is the company’s open platform for any other third party service which wants to provide Uber service in their application.

This integration of Google maps and Uber will help the users a lot in travelling. The users can book a ride in Google maps and can also pay in Google maps application itself. This is a great feature for the users and Uber is trying in all ways to capture the taxi market. Now people who are using Uber will use Uber services and also the people who are not using the Uber app can also use Uber services. Because almost every smartphone user has a Google maps application and now with the same application he can book an Uber cab.

How to use Uber services on Google maps:

When you open the Google maps application in your smartphone in the transportation mode an Uber icon will be appeared at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Uber icon and book a ride and you can also share a ride in Google maps application. The interface is lot simpler in the Google maps and is user friendly. In Google maps app you can also select the type of ride you are looking for. You can book various rides like Uber Pool, Uber Motor, Uber Black and Uber X. A driver who is nearby will pick you up in no time.

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This new service of booking rides in Google maps is launched in both Android and iOS versions simultaneously. This service is released in all over the world except few countries like Indonesia and etc. Uber received a whopping $258 million from Google in the year 2013. This integration of Google and Uber is really awesome as many people from all over the world are appreciating this new service of booking a cab in Google maps.

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