Most burgers eaten in 1 minute by Rix Francisco, sets Guinness record

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How many hamburgers you can eat in one minute? It’s difficult to eat even a single hamburger in 60 seconds but a 24-year old Filipino young lad named Rix Francisco has eaten five hamburgers in just 1 minute. All the hamburgers are of 107-gram and he competed with Kelvin Medina. Both the contestants were given 7-8 hamburgers and cokes.

Kelvin Medina ate four hamburgers and equaled the earlier record of Peter Czerwinski who is also known as ‘Furious Pete’. Peter earlier ate four hamburgers and has created a Guinness world record. But now Rix Francisco has created a new world record by beating the earlier record set by Peter. Rix Francisco has eaten five hamburgers and entered the Guinness world records.

burger eating record

Guinness world records have uploaded the video in its official YouTube channel. The event was organized at Zark’s burgers in Pasay city of the Metro Manila which is the capital city of Philippines. The place is well known for its tasty burger challenges. But this time it has arranged a Guinness world record challenge. History channel has conducted the event by its popular ‘History Con’ event.

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The top 10 best food eaters in the city were invited for the challenge and finally Rix Francisco has won the challenge by eating five hamburgers. The competition was very tuff and breathtaking between Kelvin and Rix and at last after 1 minute of buzz, Rix became the first ever to eat 5 hamburgers in a minute. So are you ready to break this record? Try it with your friends but beware do not try after having your lunch!

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