Bugs build smart homes in your smartphones: Checkout how

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There are millions of people in the world who are using smartphones. But do you know that your smartphone contains number of bugs with various bacteria. The scientists in Pune have revealed that the smartphones which we use has lot of microbes in which few were harmful and few are human friendly. Almost every smartphone contains bugs which build their permanent houses in the smartphone without your permission and of course you don’t even know that your smartphone has bugs.

The weirdest thing is our smartphones contain more microbes than on a toilet seat. The scientists have extracted more than 500 types of bacteria from over 27 smartphone devices. More than 30 fungi have also been found in these devices. The smartphones and the keyboards which we use in our daily life contain numerous bacteria.

The sweat and grime were stored in your smartphone and these will give a plenty of opportunities for the rise microbes. The researchers from Pune have collected samples from 27 different mobile users from the display screen of their smartphones and majority of the microbes which were found can mingle with humans easily and can stay for a while.mobile screen clean

The best thing about the study is, the scientists have found three new species which were not known to the world till now. Two were bacterial species while another one is new fungi specie. The two new bacterial species were named as Lysinbacillus telephonicus and Microbacterium telephonicum while the fungi specie is given Pyrenochaeta telephoni name.

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But do not worry about these microbes as you can get rid of bacteria. Clean your smartphones with a smooth cloth and keep your mobiles clean and neat all the time to avoid risk of getting microbes. Along with mobile devices you need to clean even your keyboards with cloth to remove dust and bacteria. Wash your hands before eating any food.

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