Is BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur dead? Bahadur dead lookalike photos going viral in social media

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Since two days, social media lured with BDF Jawan Tej Bahadur’s dead photos. Pakistani nationals posted Bahadur lookalike dead photos in twitter and Facebook. It was said that Tej Bahadur was killed because he has leaked certain issues of army openly in social media. This was against BSF’s code of conduct and with this video Tej Bahadur has revealed the life of soldiers at borders.

Earlier, BSF constable Tej Bahadur’s video went viral in social media and now his lookalike dead photos are going viral. Earlier he claimed that the army officers are selling the soldiers food illegally for extra money and this was causing lot of problems for soldiers at borders. He stated that their quality in food was very poor and can’t eat that disgusting food after 11 hours of continuous shift.

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However his dead photos have shaken the social media and the entire country. Soon BSF has rubbished all the rumors on Tej Bahadur’s death and stated that he is hearty and hale and was posted in Jammu & Kashmir location. After BSF, Tej Bahadur’s wife also bashed the rumors on her husband’s death. However no one has seen Tej Bahadur after his video went viral and there were many reports that he went missing.

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In January, Tej Bahadur recorded video of how the soldiers were being treated and said that officers are selling rations for cheap price and are giving low quality food for soldiers at borders. The BSF officials keeping this issue aside they alleged Tej bahadur for recording video which is an offense in the BSG code of conduct.

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