Boost your WIFI speed with this simple tweak

wifi speed booster

Fed-up with your Wi-Fi speed? Is your network taking long time to load web pages? Struggling with buffering YouTube videos?

For you guys we have brought this simple tweak to boost your Wi-Fi speed like any time before…

We all have Wi-Fi routers with different frequencies. Usually our home Wi-Fi router will have radio frequency range between 2.4GHz to 5 GHz. if any interface occurs in your Wi-Fi frequencies this will make your Wi-Fi very slow.

Doesn’t worry if you change your Wi-Fi signal channel then it is all set to increase your Wi-Fi speed.

How to Change Wi-Fi Channel?

You can change you Wi-Fi channel by just logging in to your Wi-Fi router web interface in any web browser.

  • Just Go to Wi-Fi setting
  • Now find the Wi-Fi Channel option
  • Now you can choose your new Wi-Fi channel

increase wifi speed

How to choose the right Wi-Fi channel to boost your Wi-Fi speed?

Selecting the right Wi-Fi channel is very important task to boost your Wi-Fi its worth to know how to choose right Wi-Fi channel.

For android

We can find many app in play store to annualize your Wi-Fi speed .but I suggest ‘Wi-Fi Analyser App’. This app will give you the complete details about all the Wi-Fi signals around you. The best part of this app is it will suggest us the best channel with low crowed.

increase your wifi speed from home

For windows

For windows we can use Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector to choose the best channel with low crowd to boost our Wi-Fi speed.

increase wifi speed

For Mac OS

Mac OS users don’t need to install any new application because mac OS will have in built Wireless Diagnostics application to choose right Wi-Fi channel.

  • You just simply click on the Wi-Fi icon on your home screen.
  • Now you find a option called “Wireless Diagnostics” .you just select this option.
  • Now Click on Scan WI-FI.
  • After scanning completed it will show you the best Wi-Fi channels to use.

boost your wifi signals

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