BMW i8 reviews, price and specifications: i8 Pictures gallery

BMW i8 2017

BMW has taken it’s super cars to next level with mind blowing designs and style. New colors are available in the latest 2017 BMW’s i8 model. This new i8 is really an hybrid sports car and we can say that by just seeing the pictures. The new BMW i8 is one of the best hybrid supercars from BMW. This new 2017 BMW model will be showcased in the Geneva Motor Show which will happen in the month of March, 2017.

In the new addition of i8, there are many color variants which is not possible by any other automobile companies. The i8 series is now available in total twelve colors including the latest black and yellow. The interiors of the i8 has a great look and flexibility for the driver and passenger as well. AS it is a hybrid sports car, the i8 is a two-seater, a driver and a single passenger can travel in the car.

powerful BMW sports car

This powerful BMW i8 comes with 1.5-liter three cylinder engine which will produce 357hp. The i8 can reach 100 kilometers for just 8.3 liters. But the frozen BMW i8 will be available in limited editions and will not be sold later once the units were finished. So if you want to lay hands on this beast, you better hurry up.

bmw luxary cars

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Very few i8 editions will be sold in the market and the base price for BMW i8 starts at $149,900. According to the reports, BMW sold 3,760 units of hybrid i8 super cars in 2016. This new plug-in sports car, i8 will debut in this year. This new protonic frozen i8 car will be powered by 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery.

BMW i8 2017 super car

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The i8 protonic frozen car can hit 100kmph at just 4.4 seconds. The new yellow version car got sky blue rims while the black edition has got whitish rims. According to sources, BMW will also launch few more cars at the Geneva motor show. It looks like the German car manufacturer want to grab the entire attention to latest BMW cars.

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