A blood test which reveals your life expectancy

reveals your life expectancy

There are many things which we don’t know on this planet and in one of the things which we don’t know is our life expectancy. No one knows till when they will be alive and at what age they will die. This is not in our hand and no one can decide when a human dies, it entirely depends on his life habits and his nature. But now we can know till when we will stay alive approximately based on a single blood test.

The researchers from Boston University of America have found a way to estimate the life expectancy of humans by taking their blood samples. They have developed a biomarker to get an approximate lifetime of a human. For this research, they have tested 5,500 people blood samples in the laboratory. The blood samples collected from the people were tested for eight long years to study in detail.

They have tested blood samples by concentrating on the diseases which humans commonly get as they grow older. The health problem symptoms like cancer, heart attack and diabetes are found in the blood samples and have marked biomarkers regarding these health problems. They have developed 28 different biomarkers in the same way to identify various health problems.

The researchers will compare the blood samples with these biomarkers and can estimate how many years a human can stay alive approximately. According to the scientist Thomas “ with this technique we can get an idea about the health problems which a human faces in his life and can cure or take certain preventions in the earlier stage itself”.

This is a big breakthrough in the medical field and in the human history. Now we can know the health problems which we may face in future and can take certain precautions. However to improve the results and to get an exact life expectancy, more research has to be done.

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