Blackberry to partner with Optiemus to make phones for BlackBerry in India: More details about the deal

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Blackberry is striving to get back into the smartphone market which is why it is using third parties to manufacture smartphones for Blackberry and also market the Blackberry smartphones. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer has signed a deal with Optiemus Infracom to manufacture smartphones in the South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Blackberry made a long term licensing with the Indian Telecom company Optiemus. Blackberry has partnered with Optiemus last year for marketing and distribution of Blackberry’s DTEK50 and DTEK60 handsets in Asia. With this new deal, Blackberry has covered all the markets globally for manufacturing and marketing of Blackberry handsets. The third party companies will manufacture under the licensing of Blackberry.

Blackberry has stopped manufacturing handsets for a while and is now striving hard get back into race. Blackberry is famous for its QWERTY type keyboard and touch screen smartphones. Blackberry always concentrated on these kinds of smartphones but failed to capture the market.  The Blackberry handsets are mostly used by professionals as Blackberry offered great security and protection for their personal information.

This deal between optiemus and Blackberry comes under “Make in India” concept. This deal exactly falls under the initiative of government. Blackberry will manufacture smartphones in India just like Apple; Apple also stated that it would manufacture iPhone 8 in India. Blackberry will provide its security software, brand assets and service suites.

Optiemus Infracom will perform all the services for Blackberry starting from manufacturing to selling the Blackberry smartphones in South Asia. Optiemus will promote and sell the Blackberry handsets and also responsible for customer care. Optiemus will provide all the customer support needed for the users. Blackberry will not take any kind of actions regarding these handsets.

Blackberry will concentrate on software and security solutions. Blackberry also compromised just like Nokia to manufacture Android smartphones in order to sustain in the market. Alex Thurber, senior vice president at Blackberry said” India is one of the most valuable market for Blackberry and we always strive to provide our best security services to the Indian customers. We are also happy that we were in part of India’s ‘Make in India’ concept.”

blackberry with Optiemus

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This is a great step by Blackberry to offer the third-parties in the Blackberry handset aspect. Ashok, Chairman of Optiemus said that “we hope that we work with Blackberry for a long run successfully by delivering a quality service”.

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