Having black lips?? Try this to make your lips smooth and beautiful


It is quite common in winter season to have dark or black lips. In this cool season our lips get rough and it also gets dry. Usually people try out many lip balms to make lips smooth and pink but they won’t seem to work out. Using these lip balms will make you uncomfortable and starts irritation to your lips. But don’t worry; we have brought you some of the coolest and simple ways to make your lips smooth and pink in a natural way.

Here are some of the natural ways with which you can treat your lips without using any artificial lip balms…



Take some fresh rose petals and add petroleum jelly (Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly). Make a paste using these two ingredients and apply it to your lips. Wash it off after 15 minutes with water. Follow this process for five days and see the results. Your lips will turn pink in no time.

#Tip 2:


Take 3 almonds and soak it in water, after soaking well peel the outer layer and make it as paste. Now add lemon drops and rose water. Apply this mixture to your lips and wash it off after 10 minutes.

#Tip 3:


  • Every day before going to sleep, apply lukewarm ghee to your lips. Do this daily for getting smooth lips.
  • You can also apply olive oil to your lips before going to sleep and wash it off in morning.
  • If your lips are black in color then apply lemon drops to your lips and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash it off with water. This way you can change your dark lips to pink.

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#Tip 4:


If you are having rashes on your lips then try cucumber juice for your lips. Apply juice of cucumber to your lips. The cucumber juice will make your lips smooth and it also prevent your lips from drying.

NOTE: Follow these tips for a complete week for quick and better results.

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