Beware if you are planning to use Cab services on New Years eve

uber taxi

In New Years Eve after partying at mid night you might book a cab to return home as you don’t want to drive back home because it is too dangerous and you might get caught by police in Drunk and drive. So it is better to book a cab but using UBER service will empty your pockets completely. An estimated 16 million riders worldwide would use UBER services on New Year.

So the price would be at peaks due to high demand. Many riders will try to book a cab in between midnight and 3 am in various Taxi apps. Not only UBER, all the Taxi apps will have charges at peaks. So it’s better if you make any alternative arrangements to return home or you can book a cab once the surge pricing is down.

***Driving your car or bike after consuming Alcohol is very risky…Don’t forget that your family is waiting for you…****

And we wish that you have a great year ahead… HAPPY NEW YEAR

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