Best vegetarian foods for getting muscular body

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Are you a vegetarian? Don’t you like meat or any non-veg dishes? Then we got some best vegetarian foods to improve muscle growth. Many people think that only non-veg foods can improve muscle growth but do not worry, you can also improve and grow your muscles by eating vegetarian foods. There are number of vegie foods which can boost muscle growth and vegies have dozens of proteins and minerals.

Even if you can eat meat then you can’t eat meat all the time and this will affect your health. Vegie foods help you a lot in growing muscles and also make you stronger. Here are few vegie foods which can boost your muscle growth. Make sure that your meal has these vegie foods every day. All the below vegie foods were suggested by fitness experts and are genuine.

Drink water for stronger muscles

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Drinking water can improve your muscles, Sounds weird right! But yes, it is true. Water helps in proper muscle formation and muscle growth. We already knew that 70 % of our body is filled with water. Drinking water is very essential for muscle growth because 75% of our muscle growth is dependent on water. Hydration plays a key role in muscle growth and to stay hydrated the only best thing you can do is drinking water. Eating juicy frits like watermelon, grapes and apple can also be helpful.

Chocolate milk for regeneration of energy

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Drink chocolate milk for boosting energy levels in your body when you get tired. Many athletes drink chocolate milk which helps in growing muscles. It has been published in many journals that chocolate milk can give best results in your daily workouts. But remember, do not drink too much of chocolate milk.

Cottage Cheese for strong muscles

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Cottage cheese is a tasty and healthier food which you can have daily for growing muscles. Cottage cheese can boost up your digestive system and keeps you full at the same time. You can actually stay for a longer time without getting hungry. With just one cup of cottage cheese you can get 28 grams of proteins which is pretty awesome. There are also many snacks available in the market which is made by cottage cheese.

Almonds for instant muscle growth

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Almonds are the best dry fruits for muscle growth and also make your muscles much stronger like never before. Almonds contain vitamin E in abundant levels which helps in muscle growth. Almonds are powerful antioxidants which can also reduce the excess fat in your belly. You can eat almonds every day at morning in an empty stomach.

Spinach for increasing stamina


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Spinach is a great food for your muscles and you can have it every day. Spinach has over dozen health benefits too which contain loads of proteins and minerals can boost your muscle growth. Many people who prefer vegetarian foods will eat spinach and is the best food which can replace meat.

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