Best Thali restaurants in Hyderabad with traditional foods

Best Thali restaurants in Hyderabad with traditional foods

Today we can find numerous restaurants in Hyderabad but they offer us many new variety of dishes like biryani, Chinese, Italian, North Indian and few others. But it is hard to find a good restaurant with traditional south Indian food like Rice, Pappu, a few variety of curries, a sweet and papads. There are many hotels in Hyderabad which offers traditional thalis but here are the best of them.

Best Thali restaurants in Hyderabad

Best Thali restaurants in Hyderabad with traditional foods

Woodland Restaurant

Woodland is one of the best restaurant which offers quality and tasty south Indian traditional food. Woodland has got many branches in Hyderabad.

Simply South restaurant

The name itself tells us that the restaurant offers south Indian food. Simply south offers great Thalis but you have to spent few bucks in simply south as good quality comes with good price. Simply south restaurant is located in Gachibowli.

Ananda restaurant

Ananda offers the best non-veg thali. The south Indian non-veg food is one of the tastiest dishes. Ananda is located at banjara Hills.

Rajdhani Thali:

The best posh south Indian restaurant which offers great varieties of food and you can’t even stop your hunger for the foods over here. The posh Rajdhani Thali restaurant is located at Banjara hills.

Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Want to taste the spicy rayalaseema tastes? Then here we have Rayalaseema ruchulu which offers excluisively Rayalaseema exclusive dishes.

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Ohrils De Thali:

Ohri is one of the most famous and historical restaurant in Hyderabad.

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